How To Determine The Average Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery

Establishing an average cost for lasik eye surgery can be a little misleading particularly if you are being bombarded by advertising suggesting the cost can be as low as $500 per eye.

Keep in mind that just because lasik is being advertised so cheaply means you will actually qualify at the price promoted. There is some fine print you need to check before getting excited.

In most cases, only a few people will actually be eligible for lasik at this price. The truth is, the cost of lasik eye surgery is priced per eye and you could expect to pay from $1500-$2000. These prices have risen steadily over the past five years although they seemed to stabilize during the last 12 months.

Cost Per Eye

The reason the cost of lasik eye surgery cannot be quoted as a one price fits all is because of the increase in the number of procedures being introduced. For example, new wavefront tecnology is much more expensive than the bladed microkeratome procedure.

Wavefront lasik includes the intralase which basically means the flap is created via a laser instead of a blade. Intralase is reproted to be safer as a surgical procedure. This new technology can set a patient back a minimum of $2000 per eye but in most cases, it’s much more.

Bladed microkeratome procedures are still the more affordable at between $1500-$2000 per eye. Which way you decide to go will depend on your pre-consultation with your surgeon and obviously your budget.


To avoid any shocks cost wise, it’s important you completely understand what’s involved with your procedure. One question you should ask is how is the price arrived at?

In other words, are you being quoted one price from the very beginning or will there be variables involved meaning, will further costs be added from your initial consultation right through until you have been cleared to go home.

The average cost of lasik eye surgery depends on many factors but for better peace of mind, getting a quote which includes everything from start to end at the initial consultation makes good sense if you are working on a strict budget.

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